Why Choose Unique Floral Expressions?

Unique Floral Expressions is a full-service boutique floral studio, specializing in Weddings, Social and Corporate Events. We are located in the heart of Buckhead, Atlanta. As a premier floral boutique studio, we provide creative and unique arrangements and we are known for our classic, yet modern style. Our award-winning design team utilizes the finest quality flowers available, creating one-of-a-kind arrangements for your special event.


The staff at Unique Floral Expressions is dedicated to providing you with professional and unmatched personalized service, ensuring that your event is  unforgettable. Unique Floral Expressions proudly serves Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We enjoy welcoming new clients to our event family and are known for our long-lasting customer relationships. We take customer satisfaction to the next level and will delight you with an unforgettable personal experience!

Floral Tips

  • Are the flowers in season? Seems so obvious, right? Unless you are using year-round roses, tulips or hydrangea, you may not be thrilled to find out that your absolute favorite flower, the one you’ve had your heart set on, isn’t available. Peonies in August? Ranunculus in September? Probably not happening. Your florist should provide substitutions for similar flowers, so that those peonies become garden roses.


  • Color scheme. Let’s say you are putting together a Christmas fundraiser for your company…you will probably be sticking to reds, green, silver, gold, ivory, etc…your flowers should mimic your color scheme. It is important to find your theme and color scheme first before picking out flowers, since your flowers will be centered around what colors you choose. Once you have an idea of the colors you want to use, your event planner and florist will be able to make some great suggestions on what kind of flowers to use.


  • What role will the flowers play? Are you gathering flowers for a wedding or corporate party? In any case, flowers play very different roles. For weddings, flowers are very important and will play a large role; but for corporate parties, flowers may be there to eat some dead space. Deciding what role you want flowers to play is important and your planner or florist will be able to make more budget decisions once the role is determined.


  • Am I locked into my initial décor choices and quantities?Heck, no!!! We realize that, over the course of an engagement period, new décor ideas can materialize and color schemes may change. Guest counts are only estimated at first, and then, when the RSVPs start rolling in, adjustments need to be made to table counts, etc. As long as your floral order does not drop below our minimum of $5000. You are allowed to make adjustments to décor, colors and quantities all the way up until three weeks prior to your wedding.


  • How many members of the Unique Floral Expressions team will be there on my wedding day?We staff each event according to the following factors:*how many delivery vans/drivers are needed?*how much time do we have for set up?*is there a room flip or are ceremony and reception in two different locations?*will some décor elements need to be designed on site?*will ceremony flowers be needed early for a first look?*will weather affect when we can place flowers outside, for outdoor weddings?*will we have to share a loading dock with other wedding vendors?Since every one of the 1800 weddings we have designed and delivered to date has been unique, and we anticipate our next 1800 will be unique as well, there is no exact, pre-set number of team members who will deliver and install your wedding.  We will make that decision based on our industry experience so your wedding day is beautifully executed and completely worry-free. We do guarantee, however, that every wedding installation will include at least one veteran floral designer who will bring years and years of design experience to your wedding.


  •  Do you design more than one wedding per weekend?Yes, depending on each individual wedding weekend. Sometimes we design one very large wedding on a weekend.  Sometimes we have multiple small or medium sized weddings to design. We have a team of award-wining designers who produce spectacular florals for weddings of all sizes. Each wedding event is carefully managed by Julie and her production team from the moment your floral contract is signed until we break down at the end of your wedding reception. You will receive personal attention to detail every step of the way!


  •  What happens next?After your initial design meeting, Julie will follow up via email/text with décor questions that may come up while she prepares your floral quote. If you desire additional décor items (linens, draping, furniture rentals, etc) she will reach out to her design partners in the industry and collaborate on your behalf to bring your overall décor vision to life. Most floral décor proposals will be received by the client within 7-10 days after the design meeting.